How to Pull off a “Lob”

All throughout childhood and into high school, I had the same hairstyle. I had always assumed that long hair was the only look that flattered me. I dreamed of mermaid waves tumbling down to my waist. In my mind, long hair encompassed all that is femininity and beauty. I loved all of the fun styles that I could try on my long locks and the lack of effort it took to add a few loose curls in the morning. I felt that I would never chop the hair that I had put so much time into growing.

After several years, I began to crave a change of pace. I dreamed of arriving at school one day with an edgy pixie cut or a polished bob. I waited until this past summer to try something new and I cannot express how happy I am with my new hair. I love how healthy it feels, how it frames my face and the chic ways that I can style it. In this piece, I’ve featured five ways to pull off a lob to make it easier for girls who plan on taking the chop.


1. Know what to ask for. 

Arrive at the salon with three things: pictures, a description and limits. Know exactly what you want and plan ahead of time. Look for pictures of those who have similar hair to yours so you know that it will look good. If I were to hand over a picture of a girl with brown, thick corkscrew curls, the haircut would definitely look different on my straight blonde locks. Additionally, make your boundaries clear. A good cosmetologist knows what they are doing but do not let people push you into a haircut that you are uncomfortable with.

2. Accessorize.

Feeling bored with your new look? Look for hats, barrettes, scrunchies and so much more. There are so many fun ways to add flair to your lob. I’ve attached a few of my favorites below.



3. Try different styles.

Everybody is unique and has different styles that work particularly well with their individual face shape and hair type. Try looking at tutorials online and see what works best with your hair through trial and error. As someone who always sported curly hair, it took me a while to learn how to rock a straight lob, which is now my go to look.


4. Add some layers.

Don’t ever shy away from a few layers to add some volume to your lob. As someone who always steered clear of layers to keep my long hair one length, I fought a bit with my hairdresser before giving in to her advice. Little did I know, the layers gave my hair more volume and made it more manageable.

5. Be bold. 

At the end of the day it’s just hair, so have fun with it! It will grow back with time if you end up not loving it but I believe that taking chances is something every girl should do. Cutting my hair has helped me explore my style and learn that I actually look a lot better with short hair than with long. Nothing was more liberating than letting my dead ends drop to the ground and letting go of the baggage that came with them.

Long hair is beautiful and so is short hair. Women should never base what they do with their appearance off of society’s standards of what beauty should be.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.01.56 PM

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