How to Dress like Jessica Day

Jessica Day is one of my favorite TV characters of all time. I love her adorably optimistic outlook towards life and her quirky outfits! If any of you want to steal Jess’s style for a party or to add a splash of fun to your closet, I’ve put together some easy outfit tips as well as some products that parallel Jess’s style so you can look like the hilarious protagonist of New Girl.


1. Cardigans are a Wardrobe Staple

Nothing screams Jess more than a fun, statement cardigan. Throwing in a few basics can’t hurt either! A girly cardigan or sweater can instantly add a pop of color to an outfit and can be paired marvelously with statement skirts or dresses. I’ve attached a few of my favorites below!

Kate Spade Embellished Cardigan / Anthropologie Evie Cardigan / Crown & Ivy Under the Sea Cardigan



2. Everyone Needs a Good Statement Dress

A statement dress is a wardrobe piece that every girl should have in her closet. It can be dressed up for a dinner party, or dressed down for a lunch date. I’ve attached a few quirky and classy statement dresses bellow that Jessica Day would definitely giggle scream over.

Kate Spade Sunny Daisy Fiorella Dress / Forever 21 Floral Print Dress / Nordstrom Fit and Flare Dress



3. Rock Some Funky Shoes

A pair of adorable vintage shoes are a must to complete any quirky outfit. Chunky heels are extremely trendy and while Jess never wore them on the show, I could definitely see her adding a pair to her wardrobe.

Michael Kors Platform Sandals / Nordstrom Pact Pump /Steve Madden Ankle Strap Sandal



4. Try Romantic Hair Accessories

An easy way to pull off Jess’s girly, sweet fashion while adding in a piece of personal flair is by throwing in some of your favorite hair accessories. My hair is short and blonde, obviously nothing like Zooey Deschanel’s blunt bangs and dark curls. To pull off her look, I tailor it to my own style that I know will look best  on me! I’ve attached some a~dork~able hair accessories that will look good in any hair type!

Anthropologie Bobby Pin Set / Lady Bug Bobby Pin / Insect Bobby Pin


5. Glasses are an Important Accessory

If there’s one fashion staple we can learn from Jess it’s never be afraid to rock the frames God gave you! The eyes are the window to the soul, so don’t shy away from accentuating and accessorizing them.

I hope that you all enjoyed this article! Whether you want to shake up your wardrobe with a vintage twist or find a style that will match your whimsical outlook on life, Jess’s look is easy for anyone to pull off. Let me know if there are any other character styles you’d like me to recreate!

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.01.56 PM

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