Darling Room Decor


Hey everyone! Lately I’ve been working on the overall look of my room. I believe that what a bedroom looks like can impact the overall attitude and outlook on life of those who inhabit it. Therefore, I have transformed my bedroom from clutter and blah to a fabulous, floral wonderland. I have a few easy decorating tips that can help you in your own bedroom projects.

1. Color Scheme

IMG_6228.JPGIt’s important to find a color scheme that reflects both who you are and what you aspire to be. I chose purple for my walls because it is an inspirational color that is known to spark creativity. I combined pastels with gold in all of my decor to create a romantic, chic look. My overall goal was to create a room that is both polished and dreamy. I love the popular gold, white and pink scheme that many bloggers have, however, I wanted my bedroom to be comfortable and inviting, not stark white like a hospital.

2. Trays


Putting a tray on your dresser is an easy way to add an instant color statement to the room. It’s also nice to put items that you use the most in a place that is easy to access and find! Gold is a great staple color, however, I’ve also seen trays with bright, bold patterns that add adorable flair to the room.

3. Accents


Plates are easy DIYs that can be used to hold jewelry, makeup, keys or whatever your heart desires.


Coasters can serve as both accents to the room and a convenient place to put your tea. They add a fun, chic flair to the room and don’t cost much.

4. Succulents


Succulents, my favorite thing to put in a teacup! These teacup plants are super simple to make and look absolutely adorable in any room. Luckily, succulents are difficult to kill so they aren’t much work to take care of.

5. Fresh Flowers


Nothing warms my heart more than a vase of fresh flowers. While these peonies are lovely, I have a blast making fun arrangements to add to my dresser. Not only do fresh flowers smell amazing, they are comforting and make any room feel homey!

6. A Warm Puppy


I think the last one explains itself.

I hope that this post helps you create the room of your dreams! It’s important to create a space where you are comfortable and expresses your individuality.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.01.56 PM


6 thoughts on “Darling Room Decor

    1. Thank you so much! I will admit, it was hard for me too. I actually bought two more of those mugs for coffee since I thought they were too cute to pass up! I got them at Anthropologie for $5


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