Glowing Skin Routine

Hey everyone! When it comes to my skin routine, my goal is a glowing, dewy finish. I want my skin to be soft and a little shiny without being oily. My natural skin type is on the dry side of normal, so you will find that I use a lot of products that involve moisturizing.

It’s taken me a while to discover a skin routine that works perfectly with my skin type. That being said, even though this routine allows my skin to thrive, it may not work with everyone because like a snowflake, everyones skin is different!



I put the “Benefit Total Moisture” in dry spots or under my eyes at night time, or another thick cream.

I use the “oil free moisture” on my neck at night and on my face each morning.

The virgin coconut oil is for when my skin is extra dry or chapped. I only use it when my skin starts to get flaky or hurts.

Masks and Scrubs:


The “Aveda” face mask makes your skin radiant! It’s my favorite face mask, I’ve used it for years.

I use my “Kate Somerville Gentle Exfoliant” 2-3 times a week to make my skin fresh and glowy.



I use toner each night and some mornings to get rid of excess makeup, dirt and oil.

The “acne dote deep pore wash” is to prevent acne on my back! I use it in the shower, it really clears up acne quickly!

I use cetaphil as a gentle face wash every morning and night!

As I said previously, this is the routine that works best for my skin so it may not work for everyone! If you have any questions or would like advice on developing your own skin routine please ask below! 

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