January Favorites

Favorite Outfit

Of all this outfits I’ve assembled for going out this month, this one is definitely my favorite! There really is no “wrong way” to style a black jumpsuit. There’s a reason the Kardashians always wear black, it’s easy to match and let’s not forget, extremely slimming!IMG_4710.JPG

Favorite Beauty Product

Booda Butter has been on a few of my posts, it’s probably one of my favorite beauty products that I own! I’m actually allergic to most chapsticks, so their all natural formula is amazing for me to use! You know that’s it a good beauty product when there are only a few ingredients and you recognize all of them.


Favorite Craft

Stamps are my crafting favorite this month! I had a coupon for a 50% off item at Michael’s and used it to buy some cute stamps. Little did I know this would lead to a fatal addiction that caused me to stamp everything I own! They add an adorable, vintage flair to any scrapbook or journal!


Example of wonderful stamping:


Favorite Drink

My favorite drink this month has been peppermint tea! I’m absolutely obsessed with it. Not only is it delicious but it also helps with digestion and bad breath! I also put my new infuser in the picture! I picked it up at world market and absolutely adore it for my loose leaf tea. The stem is long, so it is super easy to use and prevent getting burnt!


Favorite Jewelry

This Kendra Scott duo is my favorite jewelry for this month! I got them both for Christmas but started wearing them more this month. I love the colors and wear them all the time!


Ultimate Favorite:

My ultimate favorite is something that I am obsessed with and can’t stop using! For this month it’s this ensemble I picked up at Aerie! The pants are super duper comfy and the top is super cute for layering. I also featured my “Swell” bottle in there since it is another ultimate favorite for this month! It keeps cold things cold for 12 hours and hot things hot for 24 hours. I’m always using it for my morning coffee when I’m on the go for class. I once filled it up in the morning and it was still toasty by the time I got to my night class!IMG_4715.JPG

January has been such a great month for me, I’ve found so many great items and picked up a lot of new activities like kick boxing and piano! Let me know all of your favorites in the comments!

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.01.56 PM


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