4 Tips for Effective Crafting

Hey everyone! I decided to share 4 tips to become a master crafting machine! I love to craft, I’m an avid Michael’s coupon clipper, sale bin hoarding, gift giving fiend. If you have a creative spirit like me and love starting new projects, here are my tips to balance your crafting projects!

1. Make a schedule and stick to it


Take a moment out of your week to plan out and prioritize your crafts, don’t start a new project before taking a glance over what you have to get done! I always hang my list up where I can always see it, that way I return the 5 bundles of yarn I bought if I have scrapbooking up next on my list!

2. Stay Organized

If your crafting corner looks like this:


Take a day to tidy up!


By organizing your creative space, you can be reminded of old supplies and projects you forgot you had!

3. Stay Inspired


Surround yourself with inspiration to spark new ideas! Keep a pinterest board or make a tumblr to find new projects that intrigue you. If there’s a color combination you like (for me it’s pink and gold) make it a common theme in your projects! Take notes on future projects, think outside the box!

4. Find a long term project that you can immerse yourself in


Scrapbooking is therapeutic for me. I love creating the pages and looking back on them with pride, knowing the thought and efforts that went into each page. It’s important to find that project that you can always come back to if you lose inspiration or need a pick me up!

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 12.01.56 PM


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