5 Christian Must Reads

Since finding and exploring my religion and personal relationship with God these past two years, I’ve found that reading strengthens my bond with Christ. By educating myself, I am able to improve my lifestyle and allow my devotion to God to be the first thing on my mind. Here are 5 Christian books that helped me grow in faith and as a person.



The C.S. Lewis Bible/link

  • Obviously the bible is a must have on any Christian’s shelf. What better way to explore your relationship with God than evaluating his words? This bible holds a special place in my heart, I loved C.S. Lewis and his writing as a child. The bible includes insight from C.S. Lewis, a very spiritual man who really understood a healthy connection with God. His commentary allowed me to evaluate the bible from angles that I hadn’t previously.

100 Illustrated Bible Verses/link

  • I recently received this as a gift from a friend and haven’t been able to put it down since! It’s an easy read but it perfect for keeping in your bag for a daily bit of Christ. If I have an hour between class I can easily pull it out and get a bit of God’s word to apply to my daily life.

Jesus Calling/link

  • I just started this daily devotional and I love everything about it! The design, the easy layout and of course, the message. It’s all about feeling that personal connection to Jesus that the hole in our heart desperately longs for. This book has really helped me reevaluate my relationship with God.


  • Dr. David Anderson came to my hometown church, the Crossing, and blew me away with his message. I couldn’t help but purchase his book after the service and devoured it in two sittings! The book teaches “Gracism” or “looking at color, class and culture in a positive way.” I found comfort and grace in this book especially since this sermon was given the same year that the events in Ferguson took place. With all of the racial tension plaguing our world, I felt that this book helped open my eyes to things happening around me that were just plain wrong.

Heaven is for Real/link

  • This is an oldie but a favorite of mine! If you haven’t read it yet, please do. I found hope and encouragement through this book. I remember reading it when I was in middle school and crying buckets. I had been turning away from God and to have him right in front of me through the pages of the book had been too much or my heart to handle! This is a must read for all young Christians.

I hope that you all liked my picks! Let me know in the comments if there are any other books you enjoyed or what you thought of the ones I listed.

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