The 5 Scarves Everyone Should Have in Their Closet

The Soft, Cozy Scarf: This scarf is perfect to throw on before a day out shopping or to wear to class! It’s casual, fluffy and perfect to hide your face in against chilly wind!
The Patterned Scarf: This is a fall staple, it’s perfect to dress up a simple outfit with a pop of fun color or pattern and keep warm!
The Blanket Scarf: Is it a scarf? Is it a blanket? A cape? A shawl? It’s can be used as all of the above!
The Chunky Knit: This Scarf will be your bestie once winter rolls around! It’s thick, soft and the sweater material is perfect for keeping warm!
The Classic Plaid: No piece welcomes fall better than a classic plaid scarf! The red and green add a warm flair to any fall outfit!
This is my go to scarf for the season! It’s a blanket scarf and is one of the softest things I’ve ever felt! It’s from Shiraleah Chicago!

Scarves are by far my favorite fall accessory, they are functional and fashionable! It’s so easy to dress up any casual outfit with a scarf to look cute and keep warm!



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