My September Favorites

September is an understated, wonderful time of the year in Alabama; things begin to cool down, yet you can’t quite get away with wearing long sleeves yet! I’m sitting on my balcony as I am typing this, enjoying the cooling air and grey clouds. It’s sparked inspiration to share the amazing things that I’ve been particularly obsessed with this month!



Modern Romance- Aziz Ansari- Aziz Ansari is refreshing and hilarious. I love listening to his stand up and his character, Tom, on “Parks and Recreation”. I’ve wanted to read his book since it came out this summer, but had a long list of books to finish first. When I was driving home for a brief weekend, I decided to purchase the audiobook to get through the 9-hour car ride and loved every bit! The book delves into this generation’s definition of “romance” and explores a variation of cultures and separate generations’ methods of finding love. I would definitely recommend purchasing the audiobook because Ansari is the one narrating it and adds in funny accents and jokes. For some reason it’s much funnier hearing it in his voice rather than reading it off of a page.



I’ve found the Chainsmokers give a vibe similar to Cherub. (Which I love!) Their songs are catchy and overall works of art. Their single, “Roses” is my favorite song at the moment, whether I’m running on the treadmill, riding around with my friends on a Friday night, or enjoying a brisk walk on my way to English, “Roses” seems to lift my mood in any situation.


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 4.49.07 PM

I really enjoyed this film, it’s raw and beautifully imperfect. I don’t want to give too much away, but this movie is definitely worth watching! It also stars Taissa Farmiga, from American Horror Story. I’ve always really enjoyed her on the show and knew I would love a movie with her in it.



Origins Ginger Body Scrub- This is definitely my #1 beauty product at the moment. Origins products always have such wonderful quality. The ginger scent is my favorite; I have the perfume and ginger soufflé body cream. This scrub is wonderful; I love using it and feel like a glowing goddess after every bath!



Pumpkin Pie Muffins- This recipe is absolutely delicious! It basically gives me an excuse to eat pumpkin pie for breakfast! I also whipped up a bowl of cinnamon buttercream icing to add if I preferred to eat it as a dessert.


Overnight Oats- I had never heard of overnight oats before browsing through Pinterest and I fell in love! I love creamy food and knew that this was a recipe I would enjoy. I’ve considered making an article purely dedicated to overnight oats just because it’s filling, delicious, easy and there’s so much variation that you can add to the recipe! The one I made pictured above was for a small mid day snack and it has peanut butter, pumpkin and pumpkin spice added! It’s made my mornings brighter to have this delicious breakfast on the go.


Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 4.27.52 PM

Night Shirts- I never knew how much I would adore these night dresses until I ordered one on a whim from Forever 21. Now, they’re my favorite things to wear to bed! Unlike my t-shirts that are a heavy material, the nightshirts are light and airy. They’re extremely comfortable and I feel like there is less weight on my skin. I ordered them in a medium and found that the length is modest.


Free People: “We the Free Fallin Tee”- This tee was previously mentioned in my “Fall Staples” article. Yet, I had to include it again just to reinforce how amazing this shirt is! It’s so comfortable; I wear it all the time. It can be layered or dressed up and down in so many ways, it is a must have staple piece in every wardrobe.

I hope that everyone enjoyed my “September Favorites,” thank you so much for reading, leave any queries or advice in the comments and have a spectacular Tuesday!

Enjoying September with my favorite people
Enjoying September with my favorite people



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