Simple Fall Decor For Under $15

I love decorating, I don’t love spending astronomic amounts of money to achieve the perfect room though! All of the items below are from Target, and all of them are under $20! Most of them I found in the dollar section.

For fall, I wanted to decorate my space in a simplistic yet cozy way. Though autumn is one of my favorite seasons, I’m not a fan of gaudy, gory Halloween decorations, but rather a warm, fireside aesthetic. To achieve this vibe, I prefer using a neutral palette with clever accents. From this summer, my room was fresh. I used a lot of white with gold accents. I thought it would be difficult to turn this crisp bedroom to something cozy, but through minimalist accents I was able to achieve the perfect harvest tone to my bedroom that transforms any boring night in, to a cozy evening in autumn wonderland.



My study space is really important to me. I spend a lot of time do homework, sending emails and studying for tests. I like to keep it orderly yet pleasant so I enjoy the time I spend there! Almost all of the accents I added are from the Target dollar section! The roll of Burlap, burlap pumpkin and orange mason jar that I fill up with Halloween treats for visitors (And an occasional study award!) I also added a pumpkin spice candle! It’s crazy how a few pieces can totally change the look and feel of a room.



For my small bedside table, I switched out my peonies for some cream flowers in a mason jar that I filled with candy corn and added a pumpkin cupcake candle! Candles can really set the mood of a room with their scent while adding a pop of color! I loved the clean look of my nightstand and didn’t want to overdo it, so I kept things simple while incorporating a fall feel.

Other Accents

For my wall art, I switched out my pineapple for a print out that I framed and added metallic corners to.


I also took some time to draw on this fun chalkboard I found at Target!

There’s also lots of fun mugs that you can find on Etsy, or DIYs online! Mugs are easy accents for fall!

I hope that everyone enjoyed this article on how to make a cozy atmosphere for autumn. I love having a room that sparks inspiration and truly makes me feel at home, without hurting my wallet!



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